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IT’S A SCAM! December 2012 Blog Submission by Robin Wong, CA

Have you ever been in this scenario before? 

Logging into your email account, you have one new message from the Canada Revenue Agency. The email tells you that you that, if you click the link below and provide some personal information over the internet to confirm who you are, the CRA will issue out your tax refund.

Sounds too good to be true? Wondering how the CRA obtained your email address?? Are you even expecting a uefund from the CRA in the near future???

Remember that the CRA never (ever!) contacts taxpayers via email or the internet when it comes to personal information. All contact is made through paper letters, telephone calls, or in-person interviews and meetings. All electronic correspondence, such as the above email, is a type of fraud called “phishing”.

By impersonating the CRA, many scammers and fraudsters attempt to obtain people’s personal information, in order to use that information to gain access to other personal areas of that person’s life, or to sell that information to other parties for their own uses. Of course, this practice is 100% illegal and if you should receive such emails, you should delete them right away and never open any links or attachments.

If you receive any such phishing emails, it is recommended that you call the CRA at 1-800-959-8281 in order to report the fraud.